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What's new?

You will find my store all updated with the new works from the 2022/2023 series Amusing ourselves to death. And now…..this. Over my career I have almost exclusively relied on referencing my own photographic images for my work, having tens of thousands of images, however this body of work relies heavily on images sourced from online auction sites. The randomness of material staged for photographic affect intrigues me in the same way as the randomness of relaying a degraded ‘information discourse’ via social media and newscasts does. Lot 155. Only in extinction does the collector comprehend, And now, leaks less, along with And now, memories of Terry, boy oh boy!.... all use images from online auction catalogues as reference material. The first of these, a box of barbie dolls and other like dolls, has a contrived ‘naughtiness’ to the staging.

In And now, leaks less, we see a configuration of cars which could be from any toybox anywhere in the world.

And now, memories of Terry, boy oh boy!.... is titled for childhood friend Terry who was the Lincoln Toy face in all the TV and paper advertising. The smiling face of the boy who had every toy, but a dark heart.

And now, tools of subjugation is a cutlery draw from a less than recent past.


You can see these works at Woodings@Winchester Gallery 155 Temuka-Orari Highway, Winchester 7985 Thursday - Sunday: 10am until 4pm Or reach out directly to for a private viewing.

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